Management Committee

Fabrice Etienne (Chairman)
Fabrice lives in Hascombe and loves to come to the shop to find his favourite flour “Wessex Mill“ which he uses to bake his favourite Swiss bread. He is also a fan of the homemade sandwiches.

Anne Cannings (Human Resources)
Anne has lived on the outskirts of Dunsfold for over 20 years, with Tony and Tassie the dog. She loves supporting the local produce, especially the bread, the ham and Nellie’s scotch eggs. She always orders the Christmas turkey from Rawlings through the Shop.

Alison Daniels (Treasurer)
Alison has lived in Dunsfold since 1995. She loves the Shop because it provides her with baking essentials plus tempting goodies, and allows her to obtain postal and banking services with a friendly smile from Debbie. The Shop is the hub of village life for Alison.

Philippa Inskipp (Volunteer Co-ordinator)
Philippa has lived with her family in Hascombe since 2010. She has been a shop volunteer for some years. For her, the shop is about convenience, personal service and a great community of staff, volunteers and customers. Philippa likes to buy local produce. Sugar Party is a favourite as well as the Wine of the Month.

Angus Sim (Operations)​
Angus and his family consider themselves very fortunate to live within walking distance of the Shop. Being able to pop out to pick up some eggs, or bread, fine local ale or more recently the fabulous cheese is a very pleasant and valued, part of life’s daily routine in Dunsfold.

Karen Thurston (Company Secretary)
Karen lives in Loxhill and loves the fact that she can buy all the Fever Tree tonics at the Shop so she can treat her friends to unusual cocktails when they pop round. She is also a huge fan of Sugar Party’s flapjacks.

Sharon Westhead (Marketing & Social Media lead)
[To come]

Vacancy (Minutes Secretary)

All are volunteers. Contact details are here.