Management Committee

Management Committee at the 2018 AGM: l-r: Lucy Weldon, David Hamill (retired 2020), Karen Thurston, Mike Fawcett, Mike Barley, Anne Herriot.

Karen Thurston (Chairman)
Karen lives in Loxhill and loves the fact that she can buy all the Fever Tree tonics at the Shop so she can treat her friends to unusual cocktails when they pop round. She is also a huge fan of Sugar Party’s flapjacks.

Mike Barley (Treasurer)
Mike lives in Dunsfold near the shop with his family. He buys lots from the Shop especially the delicious Sugar Party gluten free Millionaire’s shortbread. Other favourites are the Wine of the Month and Swedish Glacé gluten free ice creams!

Judith Bratt (Minutes Secretary)
Judith lives in Hascombe with her family and finds the Shop invaluable for those odd items of shopping and for something different too! Her family’s favourites are the fresh bread from Celebration Cakes, Wessex Mill muesli, Madhuban curry sauces and Nelly’s black pudding scotch egg.

Anne Cannings
Anne has lived on the outskirts of Dunsfold for over 20 years, with Tony and Tassie the dog. She loves supporting the local produce, especially the bread, the ham and Nellie’s scotch eggs. She always orders the Christmas turkey from Rawlings through the Shop.

Mike Fawcett
Mike is our professional Company Secretary. He describes himself as ancient but still game and we pretend to let him think he keeps us in order. He is also big into rugby. He loves the Shop’s tomato juice.

Anne Herriot
Anne likes Dunsfold so much she has decided to move there. She loves the Shop’s coffee (Americano with hot milk) and is looking forward to a daily fix when she moves.

Lucy Weldon
Lucy lives in Dunsfold with her family. She loves how the Shop supports local suppliers. Her favourite locally produced products are Caroline’s Dairy white chocolate mint ice cream, Tims Greek style raspberry yoghurt and Juliette’s beautiful flowers, which she buys for herself regularly.

All are volunteers. Contact details are here.