September 2018

In this job, it is lovely to hear your feedback, especially when it’s over something that is a simple pleasure. So, to receive an email with a picture of someone’s breakfast when they had 4 double yolkers made my day! I always knew that the eggs at the Shop were special. When we use them for sandwiches, we get lots of positive comments about how good they taste. I put it down to the happy hens at Hallgate and Lee House farms. In our house, we always have eggs in our fridge, normally from Hallgate (until Luke gives in and lets me get chickens). They are the ultimate fast, healthy food and a great source of protein. If I get time, Finn always likes a poached egg in the morning for breakfast. Scrambled eggs are so easy if the children are hungry after running around doing activities after school. My sister and her husband even served eggs at their wedding. Our welcome drinks were served with slices of frittata, which went down really well!

Lots of other exciting things have been happening at the Shop over the last month. Louise got married. A big congrats to Louise and Mark for finally making it official! We also welcomed a new member of staff, Peter. He will be working some mornings and weekends in the Shop. I am sure everyone will make him feel very welcome. This unfortunately means that Frances has left the Shop We wish her well even though we will miss her level headedness (I keep telling Barbara that I have just been left with the crazy ones!).

In September, our wine of the month is Cape Heights, which will be 10% off its usual price. It is a fantastic wine for a late summer evening and great for a picnic. With aromas of citrus and baked apple, it is perfect when paired with seafood or chicken. Let’s make the most of the good weather that is currently being forecast!

See you soon Gemma xx