October 2018

Another month has passed and I’m not sure where it went. The children are well and truly back at school and for me this time of year marks the anniversary of when I started at the Shop. Who would have thought that the part time job that I took on when Halle started nursery 7 years ago would turn into the best job I have had in my life? My children occasionally say that they want to run a shop like me and I have to tell them that actually most retail jobs aren’t as fun as mine!

I think, like most people, what makes them love or hate their jobs is the people. And I always feel really grateful that the people I work with are also counted as my friends. I also really enjoy the times when I am able to work on the shop floor and chat to the customers. I think in a store such as Tesco you might occasionally see the same faces. I am sure everyone is lovely, but in Dunsfold seeing the same people once or twice a week means that you move past the small talk and learn lots about their lives and their families, and actively look forward to hearing about their day, or having a joke with them.

So, on to the topic that I wanted to get to this month for the Parish magazine – volunteers! Without a team of volunteers, the Shop would simply not run. All the staff notice it when we have one or two people away on holiday. The added time it gives us to organise and stock when someone else is manning the till or making sandwiches is invaluable. And I hope they all realise although I don’t say it nearly enough but thank you so much!

On that note we are looking for some extra volunteers. We currently have spaces on Wednesday and Friday mornings and Saturday afternoons. You need to be able to use the basic functions of a computer. Or if you think you might have a little time each week but not always on the same day then come and speak to me as we often need cover. We would also like some more sandwich volunteers to make sandwiches on a daily basis. We currently need people on Mondays, and Thursdays. Full training will be provided.

Volunteering is a great way to meet people and keep yourself active. Many of the studies on volunteering show how it improves people’s lives. So why not give it a go!

See you soon.
Gemma x