October 2017

October brings with it the colder weather. The clocks fall back at the end of the month which means darker nights. I like this time of year for the family time that comes with it. The bike rides and dog walks followed by evenings playing board games and watching movies with hot chocolate and popcorn. Baking also takes over a bit at this time of year. I love it when the house smells like cinnamon, or apples, check out the streusel cake recipe which goes really well with custard, or a cup of tea!

We have also been putting the Fever-Tree selection to the test in our house over the last few months and Luke is now a dedicated drinker of ginger beer (£1.80). We work closely with many of our suppliers and over the last month I have been talking with Fever-Tree and hopefully you have seen the cocktail selection that we have been posting on Facebook and here on our website. If not check it out, there are some brilliant autumnal cocktails, including the Marmalade Mule! Or if you are having a sober October but long for a Gin and Tonic, then try out the Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic (£1.95). If you add a slice of lemon, you’ll think it’s a regular G&T.

I also try and have a bit of a declutter at this time of the year, as I get the winter things out. It’s always great to get the winter duvet out of the cupboard and get it laundered at the Shop before putting it on the bed. The stock room always gets filled with duvets but as it’s so small, that tends to happen when we only have 4 waiting for collection. Don’t forget that we have a quick turn around on dry cleaning. So, if it is your winter coat that needs a clean or a dress for a party that you hadn’t realised was dirty, we offer a 1 day turn around. If you get it to us before 8 in the morning it will be back the next day!

Our big news in the Shop is our new coffee machine. We felt it was time to upgrade our machine, and it gives us the chance to try out new coffee. Please give us your feedback on the new coffee, as we experiment to find the best tasting coffee bean for our machine. It also means if you think I’m looking a bit twitchy, let’s put it down to the caffeine! We will be offering our coffee at £1.00 a cup for the first week in October. A perfect time to come and try.

Hope to see you soon

Gemma x