November 2017

I will admit that this is actually my third attempt at my blurb this month. I sat down with a vague idea of what to write and each time got carried away with all the exciting things going on in the shop, and ran on for 3 pages! So here is my slimed down version. We had great fun with our Halloween Misfortune cookies during October, my favourite one is still Juliette’s if you haven’t seen it then check it out on our Facebook page. Autum continues in the shop with lots of seasonal warmers, toffee apple liquor, ginger cakes, popcorn, hot chocolate spoons and lots of other tasties to stay wrapped up at home or take out to enjoy at bonfire parties.

We have another frozen food supplier, adding to our already extensive range of cook from frozen meals, we would like to introduce Love Food, based in Chichester their beef bourguignon is incredible, I look forward to gradually working my way through the range.

Our colouring competition saw the shop full of amazing pictures from children and adults of all ages, winners will be announced this week.

Also we are now allowed to sell alcohol on Sunday mornings from the earlier time of 8.00 so if you need to pick up a bottle for Sunday lunch you can grab it at the same time as papers.

Now on to the rest of the year, I love Christmas and I am so excited about our Wreath making workshop with Juliette, the last few years I have had a wreath made by Juliette so this year I am hoping I can produce something even as half as good with her expert tuition. If you are run off your feet like many people at Christmas then Juliette can make you a personalised wreath.

Our Christmas Fair this year is on Sunday 19th November, we have beautiful gift sets of chocolates, biscuits, as well as stocking fillers, cards and wrapping paper. Also new for this year if you are looking for a slightly unusual gift we have botanical gin sets, mushroom growing kits and cheese making sets. I say it so often but the inner child definitely comes out of me when buying gifts for everyone.

If you are one of those incredible organised people who already have their shopping sorted then we can help with the other bits of Christmas food. You can order your Turkey through us from Rawlings in Cranleigh, your Christmas pudding or cake from Karen at Sugarparty. Complete your meal with some expert wine advice from Taurus (and a sneaky tasting of their offerings at the fair!) and have all your table centres made to order from Juliette. The shop definitely has Christmas covered.

Look forward to seeing you soon
Gemma xx