May 2017

So, this month I have been thinking a lot about my piece for the Parish Magazine. I like to let people know what things I am passionate about and let’s face it most of the time I talk to you all about my love of chocolate and cake and all things foody. But this month I want to tell you about my biggest passion which is the Shop itself!

The staff and I see the Shop as not only a job but a big part of who we are and it is a great place to work. I always get introduced as, ‘This is Gemma she runs our local shop’. Or, at events around the village, I get people talking to me about our sandwiches or stopping me in the street to ask me to mark their papers as ‘on holiday’.

My job is part of me and it also has knock-on effect for my family. The children have helped me with paper inserts and deliveries when the paper girl was off sick, or had to help stock shelves when mummy has popped in for a pint of milk! So, what I want to say to you this month is that as a community we should all love our local shop and use it as much as possible.

It seems a distant memory that the Shop nearly closed, but we are always fighting against the supermarkets in an unfair fight. The resources and spending power of the giant supermarkets are something we cannot easily compete with. But what we can offer is the friendliest service and a team of staff who will often drop everything to make sure that you get your paper delivered or who have bribed their children with ice pops sitting in the back room to help their colleagues when a delivery comes in late.

And there are so many other reasons for you to visit. You may have suddenly realised that you have a child’s birthday party and yet you can’t find where you put your stash of cards, then come and get one of ours! Prices start at £1.40. Got friends coming for tea and at the last minute you find out one of them is a teetotal vegetarian and won’t eat the lasagne you so lovingly prepared or drink your wine? Then we have a variety of ready meals (vegetarian and meat) as well as posh adult soft drinks! Your dog has covered your house in mud (or something worse) then Dr Beckman carpet cleaner has a personal recommendation from the ladies at Tone and Groan!

Share our love for this gem of a small shop which stocks an incredible range that is right on your door step!

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