July 2018

So, now we are fully into the swing of summer. Ice creams and soft drinks are flying out of the Shop. I think I have found my new favourite drink of all time – Cawston press sparkling rhubarb. If you haven’t yet tried it then I suggest you grab a can.

My other tip for a summer drink is the Belvoir rose and elderflower press. Nothing quite says summer like elderflower. Which is why I chose an elderflower and lemon cake for this month’s recipe. I tried it once and it was delicious, so a gentle reminder to anyone to have a go at baking it. I like cake so feel free to drop in any extra slices that you might have!

Also, this month we have some new wines for you to try. Ca’ di Ponti £6.99 for either a white Catarratto or a red Nero D’Avola. These Sicilian wines go perfectly with outdoor entertaining. At under £7.00 a bottle, why not give them a try? You could always buy some Italian sausages to cook alongside them. Available weekly from our fridge, they are priced at the same price as in Rawlings the butcher in Cranleigh. Why not pre-order? BBQ order forms are available now on the counter or here. Buying them through us means you get them delivered to Dunsfold and you help support the Shop. Win Win!

On a personal level this month I will tell you about how crazy my month has been, having just brought a ‘project house’. We ended up with no electricity for a week while it was being rewired. This left us feeding ourselves and the kids on a day to day basis (no fridge). The Shop came in handy, and I learnt once again that it is possible to survive with goods bought just from the Shop. We managed dinners (mainly using a microwave and BBQ) from chicken pasta, Love Food chilli, to jacket potatoes and salad. I even had comments about the taste of the tomatoes, and requests for more. They are vine ripened and, as they are unpacked in the morning, the smell that they give off is incredible. Even the packed lunch for a school trip was purchased at the Shop, with the comment that the sandwich was better than the normal ones! I did have to point out that it was still me that had made it, but I do agree with him that a Shop sandwich is delicious with no real reason as to why they are superior to the ones I make at home.
We also managed to stock up on some of the other things that you seem to have lots of until you move and then for the life of you can’t remember which box they were in. I am so glad that the Shop sells torches and batteries, without which we would have struggled a bit! The Shop attempts to sell all the main sizes of batteries, but if you think we are missing one then please let us know.

In other news at The Shop, we are still continuing to look at the ways that we can help reduce our environmental impact. While we realise that some customers prefer plastic bottles for their drinks, we stock our locally sourced water which comes in glass bottles, easier to recycle. We would also like to encourage our coffee customers to bring in their own refillable cup. It lessens our environmental impact and is also cheaper for you. If you don’t have a keep-cup, we sell them! And as always, we will only give out a plastic bag if you request one.

Look forward to seeing you soon.

Gemma x