February 2019

So, we head into February. The days are beginning to get longer even though it is still scraping your ice off the car weather! But with the days getting a little warmer we begin to see the first signs of spring. I hope you have all noticed our new planter outside the Shop which we hope to see full of colour in a few weeks’ time. Thank you to the volunteers who took the time to make it look gorgeous.

February is the month where we are all still picking ourselves up from Christmas and after feeling a bit like I blinked and missed Christmas my new year’s resolution is to embrace the moment a bit more. So after never really celebrating Valentine’s day before, this year I think I might! (I’ve never been anti valentines, but I prefer to think that love should be celebrated all year round!) Anyway, this year I have decided that I am going all out! Steaks are on order from Rawlings, and I have my eye on one of our little chocolate gifts (can’t say too much in case Luke reads this!) At the Shop we have a few little gifts that won’t break the bank but will just remind that special someone that they are in your thoughts. There will be a few bunches of flowers on sale from Juliette, but to make sure that you get a special bunch we will be taking orders for flowers.

We also celebrate the Shop’s birthday this month, eight years as a community shop! We will be celebrating, so keep an eye out for details nearer the time. Over these eight years we have a lot of people to thank. Firstly the volunteers, many of whom have worked the same shift for each one of those eight years. The commitment that they show is something I am always grateful for. Without them we would not be in the position we are in.

As well as the volunteers on the till, there are many people in the background. The Committee who all volunteer; they have the rather unenviable task of keep me on track! The volunteers who make sandwiches, keep the website running or help with the jobs that keep the Shop running are all vital and we are so lucky to have their support.

If you think you would like to become part of our team by giving up a couple of hours of your week on a regular basis, please come and chat to me. We offer a taster till session on Thursday mornings so you can get a feel for it.

See you all soon.
Gemma x