February 2018

February seems to have around very fast this year. I think with all the excitement of Christmas and all the build up it is easy to blink and miss the start of the year. With all the cold weather we have been having it has been lovely to hibernate with the children and spend weekends baking. We even attempted the gingerbread recipe from the last magazine. I’m not sure it would have been a bake-off winner, but it stood up and the children were very happy with it. I often hear how well stocked the Shop is with bakery goods, and while we are still too small to carry every type of dried fruit, we are able to offer a range of bakery ingredients and a few cake mixes should you be short on time!

February is the month of the Shop’s birthday and pancakes! (Oh, and possibly a special day beginning with V.) We would love to hear your ideas for pancake fillings; please share with us your recipes and pictures of different toppings on our Facebook page. I am a lemon and sugar girl but I’m definitely open to suggestions.

This year the Shop turns 8! It is hard to believe that the community took the shop on 8 years ago this February. There are still many of the original volunteers who are the backbone of the Shop. I cannot say how much they mean to the Shop and without them we would have struggled to get to where we are today. I feel incredible lucky to work with such a great team of volunteers. I also need to thank the staff. Over the years we have had staff come and go, but everyone who works with me now all give so much of their time and effort to keep the Shop running. It is more than just a job and I think they will all agree that they take pride in being part of something that is rather special.

I can’t really get away without mentioning Valentine’s day. We sell cards, chocolates and will have a few bunches of flowers. But to ensure that you get the one you love a special bunch, then order a bunch from Juliette that can be picked up in the shop. We will be taking orders from the start of the month. If you think that your other half might like a nice romantic meal (Luke has requested steak!) then we can order in from Rawlings, (they do a very good rump). You pay the same price as you would in their shop in Cranleigh but the Shop gets some of the profit and you get to pick it up from closer to home. Win Win!

Well that’s enough from me, keep your eyes open for our special Birthday celebrations!