April 2018

And so, we end another busy month in the Shop. I am glad that we have survived it. In March, we are busier behind the scenes with stock takes and preparing for the end of the year than with the customer interactions which is ‘the busy’ that I like more. This year, it has been made harder by so much illness with staff and volunteers trying to battle through against seemingly everything that has been going around. On a personal note, I had a few days looking after a child with the flu and I am so glad that the Shop had everything I needed from Calpol (children’s pain relief) to orange juice and chicken breasts to make a decent chicken and vegetable soup.

The cold weather seems to have left us now. While I love some of the amazing sunrises (if you follow the Shop on Instagram you’ll know what I mean!), it is nicer to get to work during sunlight rather than in the dark. During April, we even get to enjoy the lighter evenings.

My favourite part of Spring is the opening of windows and letting in the fresh air. In our house, we have a big Spring clean which involves getting the duvet dry cleaned (which we do at Dunsfold Shop) and spending a couple of days cleaning all the woodwork and just generally going a bit over the top with Flash spray! Household cleaning products are the one thing that I always buy from the Shop. I don’t want to pretend that I don’t go to the supermarkets for my weekly shop like everyone else, but I never buy cleaning products from the supermarkets as we are so competitively priced. It is only £1.00 for a bottle of Mr Sheen Polish. Each year I compare our prices for our newsletter and in 2 years many of our household items haven’t gone up in price!

I am often met with surprise when I tell people all the extras we can do at Dunsfold Shop. So, finally, here are a few reminders about some of the services we offer. As well as dry cleaning, our friends at Tudor can repair your clothes and your shoes. We can order in any meat that Rawlings sell. It doesn’t cost you any extra but we get a percentage plus it gets delivered to Dunsfold. Just come in and order from us. Having a party? Let us help you with glass hire. You see, we are so much more than just a Shop. We are here to help in any way we can.

See you soon Gemma xx